Sunday, August 16, 2009

Unplug Your Cellphone Charger!

As much as we all love to text, you can still do it...just unplug the charger! Even if you work your battery down to 1 bar, just don't plu it in until you have to. Just trust me here. Even for cool stuff like this, you can get over it and unplug your cell-phone.


Saturday, June 27, 2009

Going Green

I'm proud of all of you that have been inspired to go green, change the world, and go out and inspire others. The problem is keeping that inspiration going. I am very proud of a company with tons of money feeling bad that they have to save the planet on which we stand. I am glad that somebody is really trying to make diference. Someone with such a large fan-base and corporation is able to do it too. Thanks Disney for starting your Friends For Change Program and giving this world a boost. All we need is a little inspiration.


Saturday, April 25, 2009

Save The World

You can use energy efficent or stared utilities to conserve energy and water.
Also, no more bottled waters! Use waters filters.
No more paper and disposable plates, cups, forks, etc. Use washable plates.
Stop using lightbulbs, use eco-friendly bulbs and sensors.

There are SO many things you can do to save the earth. The littlest thing will help.

BTW, a show named, "WA$TED," is about how they help anyone go green.


Simple things...

That's as simple as it gets!

Check This Out!

One school in Ohio could do this much to help the earth with the Abitibi Recycling program. They started in November 2007.
They collected 63, 656 pounds.
Which is about 5.2 elphants recycled!
All this paper is equal to 541 trees!
This also kept energy, which allowed them to power 65.28 homes for one month!

If they can do it, so can you!



Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day Poem (Copyrighted)

"We have a company that perhaps you've never heard,
but while you were cluless,
we were saving polar bears, fish, and birds.
Because of global warming,
ice is melting,
glaciers are falling,
if we keep mauling and mauling,
the water then will be hawling,
land will flood,
and human kind will be overlapped by water and mud.
Rain forests are gone,
medications are going too,
you like to feel healthy, don't you?
Do know what trees also do?
They give us air to breath,
can you live without that too?
Global warming is the worst of all,
it's going to kill the world:
that very important spherical ball.
Pollution of water and air
is happening there, and there, and everywhere...
don't you care?
Helping the world,
helping the trees,
helping the animals,
helps all of you and me."

Written By President of Savers Of Earth

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Soon be starting a website. Make sure to check it out. It's going to be awesome and 80% of money made will go to companies who are helping to save the world.
When it's set up don't miss our blow-out.

BTW, you might know some of the other Blogger members who are in the company:

Princess Twilight/Twilighter's Blog/

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MRL1996/Maci/Kristen Stewart

To notify anyone on how to Save The World: Author Of, 'How To Save The World,' and Inspirational Writer
in Training, and Vice President of, 'Savers Of Earth.' Author of, 'Twilighter's Blog,' and, 'Life A Choice
Not A Word,' and, 'Middle Schooler's Journey To
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Training, and Future Historical Famousity, and
President of, 'Savers Of Earth.' Author of 'Socializer.' (a future blog). Inspirational Speaker in
Training, and Manager of, 'Savers Of Earth.' Author of, 'Book Addict,' and Inspirational Speaker in Training, and
Secretary of, 'Savers Of Earth.' Author of, 'Fictional Journies,' and Future Fictional Character, and
Assistant to, 'Savers Of Earth.' Control Center of Complaints and Comments of, 'Savers Of Earth.' Manager of Obsessive Fan Base for, 'Savers Of Earth.' Manager of Finances for, 'Savers Of Earth.' Editors and Detailors and Entertainment Center for, 'Savers Of Earth.'

Tomorrow's Earth Day! Don't forget to give the earth a breather my turning off the lights!



Please pledge here:
to save the world in absolutley anyway you can. June is our rush month, you have until June 15th to join, otherwise you'll have to wait until August. Do what you can to save this world that we can't live without but are destroying anyway.